Bad Dreams [drabble #10] ||Doctor&River

Requested by willowwhip. Enjoy (:

River woke with a start, disoriented and confused, her breathing heavy as the world rushed back to her. A soft gasp escaped her lips and she looked round to see her Doctor beside her. The Doctor’s bright blue eyes were studying her, brow furrowed. “Are you alright love?”

"Bad dream…" She murmured, pulling herself up. River’s hands were shaking and she felt nauseous sitting there in the dark. "The same one. Over and over, like it will never stop." Her voice broke and a sob found its way past her lips. The Doctor wrapped his arms around his wife and held her to his chest.

"Shh… Hush now. I’m here darling." River’s cries were quiet and steady. Out there in the world people could believe that she was strong and sexy and confident, but here in the dark is where she fell apart and became the broken child hidden beneath a tough facade.

Every night for a long time now River had dreams, visions even, of her past life. A child raised to kill the man she would love, a woman who was hard and violent. River could often feel the hot sting of the woman’s hand against her cheek as she slapped the tears away. Crying was not allowed, crying was weak, and up until she had met the Doctor, River believed every word pf that. She had been conditioned to be hard and to hide her emotions from the world, but she felt safe here, lying next to her bow-tied hero. River let out a shaking breath.

"Hush dear." The Doctor cooed, stroking his wife’s hair. "It’s alright. She can’t hurt you anymore. I won’t let anyone hurt you again." His words were reassuring because River knew they were true. The Doctor would give anything to keep her safe, even though he had already given her so much. After a while the tears faded and the Doctor’s sweet kisses and shushes lulled her into a deep sleep where she dreamed of far away places and romantic adventures, sighing softly in the arms of her lover.

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