"Bowties and Bodies" Sherlock/Eleven [drabble #11]

A request from an anon. I give you Doctorlock (: Enjoy.

Sherlock examined the Doctor closely, taking note of the way he carried himself slightly hunched over, the bags under his eyes, and the way he wrung his hands together. The man was obviously anxious and hadn’t slept in a long time. Sherlock sighed and set down his violin with a gentle thud before crossing the room in a single stride, taking the Doctor in his arms.

"What’s the matter darling?" He murmured into the man’s hair. Sherlock couldn’t help but notice he smelled slightly musky, and it filled him with a comforting warmth. The Doctor buried his face in Sherlock’s shoulder and sighed. Sherlock’s cologne was sweet and subtle, a familiar scent that the Doctor often remembered perfuming his pillows.

"I keep having these terrible nightmares. Whenever I close my eyes it’s all I can see. All of their faces looking at me with terrible accusations and-" His voice broke and he swallowed hard, not able to speak. Sherlock hushed the bow-tied man, holding him protectively against his chest. The Doctor held back his tears as he was reminded that Sherlock was there for him, and he was not alone. He was never alone.

"You are brilliant. You only improved their lives, showed them adventure and taught them wonderful things. They could only accuse you of being the amazing man you are." Sherlock’s words were firm and soaked with affection. He pulled away and kissed the Doctor softly before looking into the man’s piercing blue eyes. "I love you." The Doctor nodded and composed himself, taking a deep breath.

"Right, well. We’ve got another case to solve, yes?" The Doctor straightened his bow-tie and Sherlock chuckled softly.

"It was the brother. Obviously." He grinned at the Doctor and put on his scarf. "How about dinner?"

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