Chasing Cars [drabble #12] ||Cass&Eleven

This is a drabble I decided to write myself based off the lyrics of the song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. I hope I can do it justice. Enjoy.

Warning: Though it is not at all NSFW, this drabble does contain some mature ideas and implications.

We’ll do it all, everything, on our own.
We don’t need anything or anyone.
If I lay here, if I just lay here,
Would you lie with me and just
Forget the world?

Cassie smiled softly at the Doctor, enjoying the way the early morning sun filtered in through the curtains and cast a gentle white glow on the room. Waking up next to him had never felt so perfect, and Cass never wanted the moment to end. He smiled back at her, the light dancing off his bright blue eyes as he lifted a hand to stroke her cheek. Cass’s skin was soft beneath his touch, and he let his fingers linger there a moment before gliding down to her shoulder and resting on her arm. Cassie smiled and put her head on his chest, soaking up the familiar musky scent that filled her lungs.

"You stayed." She murmured, closing her eyes to let the reality settle in. This felt too much like a dream for Cassie, felt too surreal, and that frightened her. The Doctor chuckled softly and kissed her hair, pulling Cass closer to him.

"Of course I did." He let her hand slip into his, their fingers lacing together against the exposed skin of his stomach. The woman curled against his body seemed too perfect to exist, fitting against him like a puzzle piece, leaving no gaps between them. He could feel her double hearts beating steadily beneath the flawless skin of her chest, mimicking the rhythm of his own. The Doctor smiled and buried his nose in Cassie’s blonde curls, breathing in her sweet scent.

I don’t quite know how to say how I feel.
Those three words are said too much,
They’re not enough.

If I lay here, if I just lay here,
would you lie with me and
just forget the world?

They couldn’t stay there forever could they? Cassie wished it were possible. A moment like this deserved to last as long as it could, and ending it would be a crime. She lifted her head slightly and kissed the Doctor’s jaw, letting her lips linger a moment before sighing and resting against him once more. “What are you thinking?” Her voice was silky, little more than a whisper, and it was flooded with a sweetness that almost had a taste.

After pondering for a moment the Doctor slid a finger beneath her chin, bringing her lips to meet his. The touch was so soft, so full of emotion, and it was heartbreakingly perfect. How could he tell her what he was thinking? It was impossible, unfathomable, there were no words for the way the Doctor felt about this girl, but he knew Cassie expected an answer, so he gave her the best one he could.

"I love you."

Forget what we’re told,
Before we get too old.
Show me a garden that’s
Bursting into life.

Cassie stared back at the Doctor, her bright emerald eyes dazzling him as they lit up with a smile. Cassie’s only answer was to kiss him again with more passion that before, though not so much as to ruin the atmosphere they had created. Her lips were soft and tasted so sweet to the Doctor, breathing life into every cell in his body. He wrapped his arms around the blonde, pulling her to him until it was impossible to know where he ended and she began.

The emotions he felt then, the sensations that were blossoming in his every nerve, were all so new and wonderful, like the newborn flowers of a long awaited spring. The Doctor held Cassie close, afraid that if he let go their own little corner of the universe would shatter, ending the perfection of the moment.

Let’s waste time,
Chasing cars around our heads.
I need your grace,
To read my needs,
To find my own.

If I lay here, if I just lay here,
Would you lie with me and
Just forget the world?

Cassie shivered as the Doctor’s breath touched the bare skin of her neck and collarbones, trailing kisses that sent shivers down her spine. Anywhere his lips touched she felt a heat rise to the surface and linger there to remind Cass of his contact. She bit her lip and twisted her fingers into his hair as the Doctor cradled the blonde beneath him, careful to be light on her body as he closed the final gap that separated them. The Doctor touched his lips to hers once more, this time removing any barriers there had been before. This kiss was filled with all of the passion and hunger he felt for her, flooded with all of the memories the Doctor had of Cassie’s sweet smiles, every look she had given him, and every word directed to him that had left her lips. The pair were entwined there amongst the soft white sheets and pillows, completely encased in each other, moving together as though they were one and the same, the softness of the morning light setting them aglow.

Forget what we’re told,
before we get too old.
Show me a garden that’s
Bursting into life.

All that I am,
All that I ever was,
Is here in your perfect eyes,
They’re all I can see.

The Doctor pulled away for just a moment to look into Cassie’s perfect emerald eyes. They were burning with passion, a heat that came from somewhere deep in an old soul that had been sleeping there for hundreds of years. He saw himself there in her gaze, and nothing could have been more comforting in that moment, knowing that somewhere someone would always be waiting for him. The Doctor pulled Cassie close once more with a kiss, his body tangled up in her.

"You are all that is lovely and right with the world." He murmured against her lips.

I don’t know where,
Confused about how as well,
Just know that these things will never
Change for us at all.

Cassie smiled at his words, knowing that he meant them with every piece of himself. She pressed her body against his and sighed, kissing the crook of his neck before the Doctor lowered her back into the pillows and untangled himself from her. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled Cassie to his chest once more.

The air was filled with their scents all mixed together, and the dust motes spun in circles wherever the bright sunlight pooled around the pair. The Doctor looked down at Cassie and he knew that there would never again be a moment as pure as this. She tilted her head to look up at him, meeting his sapphire eyes with a brilliant smile of her own.

"I love you too."

If I lay here, if I just lay here,
Would you lie with me and
Just forget the world?