Cass pulled her jumper closer to her body, shivering slightly as she peered through the crack in the cupboard that hid her. She watched as the Doctor flailed about, completely unaware of her presence. These moments were always her favourite, the ones when the Doctor would think on his feet, notice a tool that Cass had “conveniently” placed, and save the day. She held a hand to her lips to muffle the sounds of her breathing.

Something was different this time though. The Doctor seemed troubled more so than usual, and without a companion by his side, he almost seemed… lost. Cass held her breath as the Doctor’s eyes scanned the room, turning his back to the door, the only exit.

He didn’t seem to notice as a hulking figure crept up behind him, ready to attack, and Cassie prayed he would turn around. When the Doctor didn’t, Cass knew that her life-long rule of not interfering directly would have to be broken. At the last moment Cass sprung from her hiding place, against her better judgement, and took the beast out, knocking it to the ground with a painful tackle. She looked around wildly before her eyes found the Doctor’s confused expression.

"Well don’t just stand there!" She called. "RUN!"